BetterMed Urgent Care Kicks Up Donations to Richmond Public Schools

This past summer, fans were on the edges of their seats as their countries competed in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. In celebration of the big tournament, the team from BetterMed decided to get in on the excitement, developing a community-driven fundraising campaign to support under-served local school athletic programs.

Our campaign, named “Sick Saves,” was driven by goalkeeper saves throughout the tournament. For every save made, we donated $2 to be used to purchase new soccer balls. Progress was updated on our Facebook and Instagram pages and was complemented with fun facts about the health benefits of playing soccer and daily exercise.

Photo: BetterMed

As the tournament progressed from stage-to-stage, the saves piled up. When the final whistle blew, marking France’s thrilling victory over Croatia, goalkeepers from the 32 nations had generated a whopping 344 saves.

To purchase the balls, we partnered with local sporting goods store Disco Sports, which generously discounted the cost and ordered us over 50 brand-new regulation soccer balls. We also had the pleasure of spending the morning with Disco Sports owners Gail and Lew Held, who traveled with us to drop off the balls to Franklin Military Academy and Thomas C. Boushall Middle School.

“Partnering with BetterMed has been a highlight for us this year,” Gail explained. “As a local business in Richmond, our focus is always on families, and this opportunity has connected us in an important and meaningful way. Thanks for your hard work and for including Disco Sports as a partner.”

The campaign wouldn’t have been possible without the support and guidance of Dr. Stefanie Ramsey, Richmond Public Schools’ Instructional Specialist, who identified school programs in our region that were in the most need.

Dr. Ramsey explains the importance of community relationships:

“Partnerships are essential in helping our students achieve at their maximum potential. Community involvement has always been a cornerstone of reaching our goals and aspirations for success. Whether in the classroom or on the field, we can always achieve more working together, and this generous campaign with BetterMed and Disco Sports demonstrates that.”

Photo: BetterMed

At BetterMed Urgent Care, we’re dedicated to providing the best care experience possible and being a valuable, contributing member of the communities we serve. Whether hosting inspiring speakers such as “Lost Boy” John Dau or creating fundraising campaigns such as Sick Saves, we are driven by a passion to always be better.

Photo: BetterMed

BetterMed Urgent Care CEO, Mark Johnson, explains the company’s commitment to the community: “The BetterMed team puts a high premium on supporting Richmond and Central Virginia community efforts. We’re especially proud of our many local school sponsorships as we know that positive youth experiences contribute to better overall life experiences. I will never forget the students’ smiles, friendly chatter, and genuine appreciation as they started kicking the bright new soccer balls. Lastly, we’re especially thankful and honored to have partnered with Gail and Lew on the Sick Saves program. Their generosity made a great program even better.”