Return to Work and Campus
with Confidence

Getting employees or students back to the worksite or campus safely (and keeping them there) requires careful planning and taking proper precautions. This process starts with COVID-19 medical evaluations and testing. Additionally, to further reduce infection risk, we recommend continued use of face coverings, temperature and other checks, social distancing, enhanced sanitization procedures, isolation protocol and contact tracing.

With so many points to consider, you’d benefit from partnering with a health care provider with deep know-how and experience in helping to keep employees and students safe and healthy as the COVID-19 pandemic continues on its dangerous path.

BetterMed Urgent Care is the leading Virginia-based health care company providing end-to-end COVID-19 solutions, having tested over 65,000 patients since April 1. We’re proud of the testing outcomes we’ve provided our clients, including onsite testing events of 1,700 patients in one day, as well as smaller events we execute daily. In every situation the goal is the same — treat every patient with clinical excellence and the highest level of empathy and compassion possible.

Our experienced team of experts can help customize an agile, highly-efficient and effective action plan to get your organization back to in-person collaboration, engagement and knowledge-sharing.

We will advise you on critical elements such as:

  • Whom to test

  • Which tests to include

  • Where to test

  • Testing frequency

  • What to do with test results (isolate and monitor positives, contact trace, etc.) 

  • How to re-test positive patients

  • Testing kits, supplies and PPE

End-to-End Solutions Provider

  • Board Certified E.R. Physicians

  • Test Kits

  • PPE &

  • Specimen Collection

  • Labs

  • Data, Analytics and Reporting

  • Mobile Operator

    Virginia, the Carolinas and across the U.S.

  • FDA Authorized

    All tests FDA emergency use authorized

  • Ease of Operation

    • Well-designed and streamlined workflows

    • TeleCare (telemedicine) for medical evaluations and start of patient registration process

Testing Locations

  • BetterMed Sites

  • On-site at
    client location

  • Mass
    public setting

Tests Used

Test Test Type Result Time Method
Active Infection Antigen Qualitative 15 Minutes Nasal
Molecular Qualitative 15 Minutes Nasal
PCR Quantitative 1 to 3 Days Nasopharyngeal
Past Exposure Antibody Qualitative 15 Minutes Blood Draw

How Does The Process Work?

As no two clients are alike, BetterMed customizes COVID-19 solutions to meet each partner’s unique needs and circumstances. That said, our engagement process typically works as follows:

  • Contact

    Client contacts BetterMed at [email protected] to set up call to discuss needs

  • Develop

    BetterMed develops preliminary list of solutions options and guidance

  • Propose

    BetterMed prepares a written COVID-19 service proposal outlining scope of services, including testing types and methods, testing locations, testing schedule, fees, etc.

  • Kick-Off

    Client and BetterMed hold a kick-off call to get aligned on testing program execution, day-of-testing procedures, reporting protocols and methods, etc.

  • Start

    Start testing program

  • Results

    BetterMed provides program test results, data analytics and recommendations to enhance patient and group safety

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