Indoor Air Quality: Best Air Purifiers

Air purification in the home is becoming an increasingly popular topic in the news and on social media. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or need a gift idea for the holidays, here are a few air purifiers to consider.

1. Conway AP-1512HH HEPA Air Purifier – Featuring a small, unique design, this air purifier has a true HEPA filter as well as ion filtration technology. It’s smart design also includes an energy-saving Eco Mode. Provides 361 square feet of coverage.

$184 Conway AP-1512HH HEPA Air Purifier

2. Honeywell Home HPA300 – A bit bulky but this unit makes up for it with its super quiet operating system. Using true HEPA filtration, the Honeywell Home HPA300 offers 465 square feet of coverage.

$250 Honeywell Home HPA300

3. Blueair Blue Pure 411 – With less coverage at 161 square feet, this air purifier offers an affordable and efficient option for smaller rooms like home offices or nurseries. It uses true HEPA particle and carbon filtration with a simple and smart design.

$120 Blueair Blue Pure 411

4. Molekule – While it is pricier, Molekule is a great option that uses PECA technology rather than HEPA. By using nanotechnology, PECA is able to destroy pollutants 1000 times smaller than the standard filters must meet to qualify as HEPA. Molekule offers 3 models with coverage that varies from 250 to 1,000 square feet.

$319 – $999 Molekule

When choosing an air purifier, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the options. The most important feature to consider is the square foot coverage that’s needed to purify your space. Whether you’re purchasing for allergies, pet dander or general peace-of-mind, an air purifier can certainly help refresh the air you’re breathing.