Meet the Doc Mondays at BetterMed ~ Dr. Paulo Gazoni

Here is another installment of “Meet the Doc Monday” at BetterMed.   Dr. Paulo Gazoni is one of the many Board Certified Emergency Physicians you will see at BetterMed. He is also the Medical Director of our new facility in the Tri-Cities area off Puddledock Road and Temple Avenue. Let’s find out more about him.


Born and Raised?

Born in San Paulo, Brazil, lived there until age 6, and then raised in Northern Virginia


Where do you wish you’d been born and raised? Why?

Hawaii. Warm and sunny


Super hero powers you wish you’d been born with?

The ability to fly


Favorite pet growing up?

Family dog


Favorite activity as a youngster & why?

Playing soccer with my family


Why did you get into emergency care?

Because I can’t concentrate more than 30 minutes at a time


What was your biggest hurdle as a med student?

The first two years of medical school because of all the test taking


What obscure or unexpected class did you struggle with in undergrad?

Linear algebra


At what moment did you know you wanted to be a doctor?

When my father told me to – just kidding 🙂


Where did you study— undergrad and medical school?

William and Mary,  Medical College of Virginia


Craziest thing you’ve seen working in an ER?

Maggots and flies coming out of an arm wound


Weirdest midnight snack?

Fried tofu


How do you balance working long/late hours as an ER doctor?

Great family support


What actor would play you if you were cast as a character in ER or Greys Anatomy or something like that?

Dean Cain

Favorite recreational activity?



Guilty pleasure TV show/movie? Go on, we won’t judge?



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