Meet The Nurse Monday at BetterMed ~ Jason Keckler

BetterMed_color_JasonBorn and Raised?

Richmond, VA


Where do you wish you’d been born and raised? Why?

Somewhere in Pacific Island chains. For the island time atmosphere and the family focus.


Your best dance move?

The best move for me is not to dance.


Do you have a pet?

I have a wonderful German Sheppard named Kobe and some annoying thing my wife calls her cat.


Favorite activity as a youngster & why?

Fishing. I love anything to do with the outdoors


Why did you get into nursing? Specifically emergency nursing?

I got into emergency nursing because of the excitement. You never know what’s going to come through the door next.


What obscure or unexpected class did you struggle with in undergrad?

The art of architecture it was supposed to be easy!


At what moment did you know you wanted to be a nurse?

I honestly don’t recall. There was no voice and bolt of lightning telling me it was my destiny. It just happened.


Where did you attend Nursing school?

Riverside School of professional Nursing


Craziest thing you’ve seen working in an ER?

Other than bugs and rotting body parts, I’d have to say a light bulb and it wasn’t in the ceiling..


Weirdest midnight snack?

Refried beans and green chilies.


Favorite population to take care of at BetterMed?

The Kids and their honesty it’s awesome.


What actor would play you if you were cast as a character in ER or Greys Anatomy or something like that? Why?

I’d have to ask my wife she watches all that stuff..


Favorite past time/ hobby?

Surfing, fishing, and hunting.


Favorite TV show/movie?

Forest Gump, and Clemson Football


Any other random factoid that we should know about you?

I use to live Maui, Hawaii and drove a 69 VW Baja Beetle with rust holes in the floor so big you could see the road. Surfs up!!!