Meet the Nursing Staff Monday – Rachel Martin

Born and Raised?

Born in southern Mississippi. Raised in MS, LA and FL – my dad was in the Navy.Rachel wedding 

Where do you wish you’d been born and raised? Why?

I really enjoyed my childhood and wouldn’t change anything about it.

Your best dance move?

The crab, hands down. I even “gracefully” did the crab in my wedding dress, upon request, of course.

Do you have a pet?

Grady, a 3-year-old rescue. He has a lab face with shepherd markings. He’s our baby!

Favorite activity as a youngster & why?

Anything water-related. I grew up on a lake, and we were always swimming, canoeing or on our paddle boat. I feel at home when I’m by the water.

Why did you get into nursing? Specifically emergency nursing?

Even as a child, I always had a natural instinct to care for others. My mom being a nurse definitely influenced that. After graduation, my first job was in the ED, and I was actually worried that I wouldn’t like it. Emergency nursing is like a drug, though. You grow to crave the adrenaline rush and even become excited at the sound of an ambulance. I enjoy putting the pieces of the puzzle together and helping comfort and stabilize a patient. The convergence of art and science is what draws me to nursing, even emergency nursing. The ability to care for someone on the worst day of their life is a gift. Eventually, when I’m done with graduate school, I will want a slower pace. But for now, I love not knowing what will walk through that door next.

What obscure or unexpected class did you struggle with in undergrad?

My first undergraduate degree was in biochemistry, so I had to take three semesters of physics. It was painful.

At what moment did you know you wanted to be a nurse?

I can’t pinpoint a defining moment – at some point, I realized that becoming a nurse practitioner fit me perfectly. Everything fell into place after that, and continuing down this path, I’m continuously reassured that I chose the right career and life path for me. 

Where did you attend Nursing school?

Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing.

Craziest thing you’ve seen working in an ER?

This isn’t that crazy, but it was really interesting to see. Once, a person was injured and their finger was butterflied open. When they moved it, you were able to see perfectly intact tendons and ligaments contracting and relaxing. 

Weirdest midnight snack?

Microwave banana oatmeal!

Favorite population to take care of at BetterMed?

I really enjoy taking care of our veterans and service members. Coming from a military family, it’s an honor to help those who have helped us.

What actor would play you if you were cast as a character in ER or Greys Anatomy or something like that? Why?

I’m hoping that my life is never that dramatic!

Favorite past time/ hobby?

I really enjoy running, cooking, reading, and being on the river or at the beach. Lately, my husband and I have been enjoying long bike rides and day hikes. Virginia is so beautiful, so I hate to be inside for too long.

Favorite TV show/movie?

It’s a tie – Game of Thrones and Walking Dead.

Any other random factoid that we should know about you?

I have an uncanny ability to find four-leaf clovers. Just a few days ago, I found two in one day.