Meet the Nursing Staff Mondays at BetterMed ~ Debbie Monahan


Born and Raised?

I was born at Southampton Memorial Hospital, in Franklin, Virginia.  I was raised in a quiet, little one street town called Drewryville, located in Southampton County, Virginia.  (Blink and you’ll miss it!) ~The most beautiful place on Earth! 


Where do you wish you’d been born and raised? Why?

I wouldn’t dream of changing a thing about where I grew up.  Living in a small, country town made me the country girl at heart I am today.  Everybody knows everybody, no one is a stranger and kindness is something that simply comes natural. 


Your best dance move?

That’s most likely a matter of opinion, but my personal favorites are the ones that take place in my kitchen with the music blaring and my two sweet boys by my side.  We have some awesome after lunch, pre-naptime dance parties!


Do you have a pet?

We do!  We have the most adorable dog, Macy.  She is 4 years old and weighs less than 5 lbs.  She’s a “Malti-Poo”, and before having our own children, she was our baby.  Now with two little boys running around, she’s just my little princess.  She’s hands down the BEST snuggle buddy EVER!!! 


Favorite activity as a youngster & why?

I hung up ballet shoes and tutu’s in the 4th grade and grabbed a bat and ball.  Softball quickly became mine and my sister’s favorite hobby.  I still enjoy watching the county league fast pitch softball games when I go home. 


Why did you get into nursing? Specifically emergency nursing?

I chose “Emergency Nursing” mostly because I love the adrenaline of the unknown.  In the ER setting you go to work never knowing what your shift will hold.  You see some awesome things and there is rarely a dull moment.  You get the best of all the worlds; pediatrics, adults, elderly….  How can you not love the variety?  Is every day a good day, no; but at the end of the day you leave holding your high and knowing in your heart that you made a difference in someone’s life.  That alone is an amazing feeling. 

I worked as a Tech in the ER, “to get my feet wet.”  That ER staff quickly became my family away from home and I knew when I became a nurse, that’s where I belonged.  My “ER Family” molded me into the nurse I am today, and they will always hold a little special place in my heart. 


What obscure or unexpected class did you struggle with in undergrad?

Math……… to this day my math is AWFUL, ugh!


At what moment did you know you wanted to be a nurse?

I have said I wanted to be a nurse for as long as I can remember.  I believe that being a nurse is something you are born to do.  It’s not a profession that you choose; it’s a profession that chooses you.  It’s a profession that is truly a blessing to be a part of, and the opportunity to take care of people is a privilege.  It’s not every day you can find someone that says they truly love their job, but I do; each and every day.  


Where did you attend Nursing school?

Southside Regional Medical School of Professional Nursing in Petersburg, VA


Craziest thing you’ve seen working in an ER?

Good try, you know I can’t tell you that!  😉 


Weirdest midnight snack?

After working nightshift for many years, I think my body will always be programmed to wake up between 1 & 3 am, telling me it’s time to eat…..  Downstairs I go, for a glass of milk and a pop-tart!


Favorite population to take care of at BetterMed?

I don’t think I have a “favorite”.  I honestly love every population for their own special reasons.  That’s the beauty of emergency/urgent care nursing; you get a taste of a little bit of everything.


What actor would play you if you were cast as a character in ER or Greys Anatomy or something like that? Why?


I would want to be Dr. Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington.)  A) She dates Alex Karev and that’s just amazing in itself and B) I adore how passionate she is about her work.  She is always an advocate for her patients and she’s just for lack of better words, A ROCKSTAR!!!


Favorite past time/ hobby?

My favorite thing to do is spend time with my family.  Sounds cliché’, I know…..  But I’m here to tell you, one lesson I’ve learned in ER Nursing, is to never take life for granted.  Live each day like it could be your last, and I can’t think of a better way to do that then with the one’s I love.  A loving family and strong friendships are the foundation to a happy, healthy life.


Favorite TV show/movie?

Grey’s Anatomy!  However, I must say it drives me a little crazy the amount of surgeries they perform without goggles…. Ewww!


Any other random factoid that we should know about you?

Hmmmmm…….  Other than being the Mommy of the two sweetest little boys alive (ages 3 & 2) and might I add, they are 6 days shy of being exactly a year apart ;)….  There’s not much else to tell you about myself! 

Thank you for taking the time to “get to know me,” and an even bigger THANK YOU for allowing me the opportunity to help take care of you and your loved ones!