Meet the Nursing Staff Mondays at BetterMed ~ Lindley Mohn


Born and Raised?

Goochland, Virginia but I moved to Hanover at the age of 10.


Where do you wish you’d been born and raised? Why?

Near the beach, any beach. It’s always been my favorite place. Give me sun, sand, and blue water and I’m in my happy place.


Your best dance move?

The sprinkler… isn’t that everyone’s? #classic


Do you have a pet?

A three year old bloodhound named Easy


Favorite activity as a youngster & why?

Anything outside with my cousin and brother, we were into everything.


Why did you get into nursing? Specifically emergency nursing?

Always wanted to be a nurse, even as a kid. I was a tech in the ER while in nursing school and absolutely loved the adrenaline rush and the craziness.


What obscure or unexpected class did you struggle with in undergrad?

Physiology. The professor stood and lectured at a podium with no visuals all semester, talk about difficult to understand.


At what moment did you know you wanted to be a nurse?

Can’t ever remember a time when I didn’t want to be a nurse. I started saying that at an early age.


Where did you attend Nursing school?



Craziest thing you’ve seen working in an ER?

Oh geez, every day was a new adventure.


Weirdest midnight snack?

Might not be weird, but the ever popular room temperature pop tart.


Favorite population to take care of at BetterMed?

Pediatrics. I was strictly on the adult side while in the ER and I definitely missed taking care of the little ones.


What actor would play you if you were cast as a character in ER or Greys Anatomy or something like that? Why?

Rachel McAdams because of her versatility and the ability to be humorous in a majority of her roles. I am also a serious minded person, but I like to be funny and sarcastic all at the same time. Humor makes everything better.


Favorite past time/ hobby?

Began dancing at age 2 and I stuck with it all my life.


Favorite TV show/movie?

Sex and the City, the TV show. I’ve watched at least every season ten times over.


Any other random factoid that we should know about you?

I am a very creative, artistic person and enjoy DIY crafts, pinterest anyone?


Please take a moment and say “Hi” to Lindley.