BetterMed Launches a New COVID-19 Testing Lab

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic a year ago, BetterMed quickly mobilized in launching testing services.  From the outset, we had one goal in mind – to conveniently offer a range of medical evaluations and COVID-19 diagnostic testing services in Central Virginia and Charlotte, North Carolina to ensure patient and community health and safety.  Whether patients were symptomatic or asymptomatic, BetterMed was prepared to address testing needs.  Thanks to the dedication and commitment of our clinical and supporting staff members, we were successful in delivering these services 7 days per week in our sites or at client locations – a routine that continues to this day.

As new and more dangerous viral variants emerged, and as patients’ demands and expectations changed during this trying year, fortunately, COVID-19 testing innovation progressed at a rapid rate.  As this all unfolded, BetterMed stayed focused on offering the highest quality tests and providing results as soon as possible.  Fast results turnaround was (and remains) critical in helping patients, schools and employers make the right decision about whether to attend classes on campus, go to the worksite, travel or isolate and quarantine.

That’s why BetterMed is pleased to announce that we’ve launched an in-house, high-complexity PCR testing lab. Located in our West Broad site in Richmond, the PCR lab is set to deliver highly effective virus detection and fast results turnaround, just as states, including Virginia and North Carolina, remove restrictions and return to more normal operating conditions.  This exciting addition to our service line provides patients with more efficient full-service, end-to-end COVID-19 medical evaluation and testing experiences.  Whether you’re in need of rapid antigen, antibody or PCR tests, BetterMed is uniquely set up to meet your COVID-19 diagnostic testing expectations.


Same Day or Next Day Test Results

Our new testing lab, launched on 3/24/21, positions BetterMed as one of the few clinic-to-lab testing facilities in Virginia and North Carolina.  Our lab operates 7 days a week to ensure that tests are processed and results returned to patients as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Under the new arrangement, patients can visit any of our urgent care centers, on-site client locations or mass testing centers to undergo medical evaluation and PCR testing by nasopharyngeal swab.  Next, we will courier specimens to our new, high complexity RT-PCR lab for processing. Results will then be delivered to the patient via text message, phone call and/or our online patient portal the next day (and in many cases the same day).

Without a doubt, reducing the time between specimen collection and result is extremely important in diagnosing COVID-19 and reducing the spread of the disease. In this regard, BetterMed’s fast PCR testing turnaround is a game-changer.  Whether needing a test for work, school, sports participation (or as a spectator), travel, entertainment or otherwise, this new offering will provide critical health decision-making information when it’s needed most.


A Reliable Choice

For patients concerned about their COVID-19 status, the PCR test is a reliable choice. Here are some of the benefits of our new end-to-end testing service:

  • Significantly reduces time between swabbing and lab processing – from 3+ days down to next day (or same day, in many instances)
  • This faster test turnaround time may reduce patient isolation time and get patients back to work or school settings with fewer missed days
  • Provides reliable results when patients require testing with tight turnaround times, such as prior to foreign travel or athletic competition
  • Provides flexible testing solutions for personal and business travelers, airports, business clients, municipalities, athletic teams, universities, entertainment consumers and more
  • Streamlined billing, with medical and lab services appearing on a single bill

In this past year of uncertainty, disruption and change, BetterMed is proud to have built a powerful urgent care and COVID-19 testing delivery platform.  And as our nation moves further into the pandemic recovery phase, BetterMed will continue to introduce innovative methods for providing health care services.

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