Q & A | Halloween & COVID-19: How To Stay Safe & Spooky

Spooky season is upon us! And while we’re all excited for the return of trick-or-treating this year, there are still COVID-19 precautions we should consider in order to stay safe. We asked Kim Skrzycki, NP at BetterMed, some questions that were haunting us and here’s what she had to say:

Q: Is it safe to go trick-or-treating this year?

A: Trick or treating is a great way to enjoy the Halloween holiday safely, as long as we keep some precautions in mind. Keeping a distance of 6 feet from people that you do not live with is recommended by the CDC to help decrease the risk of spreading or contracting COVID 19.

The CDC recommends the following keys to staying safe: 

    • Staying 6 feet apart from people that live outside your home
    • Wearing your mask in public and during small gatherings
    • Getting vaccinated
    • Staying home and getting tested if you are symptomatic
    • Attending outdoor events as opposed to indoor events
    • Keeping gatherings small
    • Good handwashing practices

Q: Do my children need to wear a mask while trick-or-treating?

A: Children over the age of 2 that are going to have close contact with people they do not live with are advised to wear a mask.

Q: Do I need to wear a mask if I’m vaccinated? (outdoor/indoor)

A: If you are vaccinated, masks are not required in outdoor settings. It is suggested that masks be worn, even if you are vaccinated, if you are going to be in a crowded environment with high COVID numbers OR in an indoor public setting.

Q: Do you suggest staying away from indoor Halloween gatherings?

A: If you are planning on attending an indoor Halloween party and have not been vaccinated, masks are still strongly encouraged. If you are vaccinated, you are still asked to consider wearing a mask to help protect those with a weakened immune system and those who cannot be vaccinated from contracting COVID 19.

Q: If you were invited to a Halloween party, what questions would you ask?

A: If you are invited to a Halloween party this season, please consider asking the following questions:

  • Where will the party be held?
  • Indoors or outside?
  • How many people are expected to attend?
  • Will they be asking people to wear masks?

While the BetterMed team wants everyone to have a great Halloween, we first and foremost want everyone to be safe and healthy. This is just the start to our holiday season and there are meaningful future family gatherings and events that we don’t want anyone to miss. Getting vaccinated and following the CDC guidelines are a great way to make sure we are keeping ourselves and those closest to us protected and well.

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