Spring Has Sprung! Here are few tips to help shed those extra winter pounds!

Spring Has Sprung!  Here bettermed_weightlossare few tips to help shed those extra winter pounds!


1. Eat Frequently and Don’t Skip Meals
A common strategy for many is to skip breakfast — and often lunch — and then eat a big dinner. This strategy backfires because you come to the evening meal starving and wind up eating way more than you ever intended, and most of those calories go right to the waistline.   YIKES!!!  Eating frequently throughout the day on healthy foods and snacks helps to eliminate hunger, which in turn prevents over-eating in the evening. This will also help stabilize your blood sugar. Even a small meal of something healthy is better than none at all.  Remember:  Eat less, more frequently! 


2. Bring Healthy Snacks With You When Shopping or on Errands
Roaming the mall for hours or sitting in traffic leaves everyone starving and vulnerable to the usually bad fast food choices. If you come prepared to roam around with some crunch, healthy snacks such as apples, oranges, celery, carrots, or even some trail mix, you’ll be less likely to find yourself in the food court or fast food restaurants.


3.    Watch Out for Processed Carbs
These processed carbs, like bread, crackers, and chips are everywhere. Even though they aren’t always sweet, most are high in refined starch, which converts to sugar in the body quickly (and with no fiber to slow its release into the system) and can end up as stored fat.  Fun fact: “Once in the lips, forever on the hips”  


4.    What To Do After Eating Too Much?
Okay, it’s inevitable. You’ll probably eat too much during some of your wintertime meals. Just make sure that you find some time to exercise on that treadmill or at the gym – and also incorporate these herbs into your diet.


5.    Perfect For an Upset Tummy and Gas.
When you eat too much food combined with too many varieties of foods at one time — you are bound to experience indigestion, not to mention an excess of flatulence, and who has time for that??


6.  Drink Your Milk
Not only will the milk help build strong bones and muscles, but the calcium activates muscle cells and causes them to burn more fat. A good diet and exercise plan, combined with three to four servings of low-fat dairy products each day increase the amount of fat burnt by up to 50 percent. It’s the calcium that does the trick, but where the calcium comes from is vital; a calcium supplement won’t get rid of the weight. Low-fat milk, hard cheeses and yogurt are the best dairy choices for increasing fat burning. MILK IT DOES A BODY GOOD!

7.  Colorful Plate
The more color on your plate at each meal, the better. To help shed winter pounds, eat 7-8 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Fill two-thirds of your plate with fruits and vegetables and the last third with a protein. Choose to drink a vegetable juice instead of a fruit juice to cut calorie intake by half.

8.  Serving Size
We are so accustomed to restaurant portion sizes that we assume that is a standard serving size. It’s not a 3 ounces serving size of meat is about the size of a deck of cards. Use measuring cups and spoons to keep serving sizes accurate and smaller, which will translate into weight loss while you still enjoy eating some of your favorite foods.

9.  Start with Protein
A breakfast that is rich in protein will keep you satisfied longer. A 3 egg-white omelet loaded with fresh vegetables can keep you going until lunch time. Lunch and dinner should include protein too, the protein digests more slowly than other foods and keeps your metabolism up and running evenly.

10. Snack Time
Snack time is needed, but choose low-calorie, high-fiber and protein-rich snacks to help shed pounds. A slice of low-calorie chicken and a piece of fruit as an afternoon snack will help keep the afternoon slump at bay so you can keep working without feeling tired and sleepy.

11. Write it Down
If you chart your weight loss progress it will keep you motivated and help pinpoint any trouble spots. Keep a daily exercise log and food journal. Include your goals, milestones and other information that will help keep you motivated on your journey to shed winter pounds.


Follow these 11 key tips to shed those extra winter pounds, and feel better by making the healthier eating choices!