Tips for Insomnia | Remedies for falling asleep & staying asleep

  1. Avoid Stimulants – One of the best thing you can do is avoid stimulants before bed. This, of course, includes caffeinated beverages but also exercise and visual stimulants such as television or smart phone. 
  2. Create a Routine – Set a bedtime for yourself and prepare yourself up for a successful night’s sleep. Take a warm bath or shower, read a book, turn lights down. Whatever helps you settle in for bedtime. Get into the habit of practicing this routine nightly. 
  3. Natural Aids – Some natural sleep aids to try include meditation and aromatherapy. Use an oil diffuser or massage oil onto the skin (make sure you purchase therapeutic grade oils). 
  4. Try Again – It may take practice and some trial and error to get into your sleep groove. Most importantly, don’t get discouraged and resist the urge to turn on the television or pick up your phone. 
  5. Talk to your doctor – Insomnia is a sleep disorder. If you’re struggling to manage on your own, talk to your doctor and create a plan. There is treatment.