Due to an increase in patient volume, appointment reservations are required for all COVID-19 medical evaluations and testing. Walk-ins are still welcome for all other urgent care needs.

What Is Sure Pay?

At BetterMed, we understand patients expect a better overall care experience – including affordable and simple charge programs, especially when paying out-of-pocket. Our Sure Pay program is a discounted offering of our high-quality health care services for patients who pay in full at treatment time with cash, debit or credit card.

What’s The Cost Of A Bettermed Visit If I Use Sure Pay?

To ensure maximum value, we’ve designed Sure Pay around the services you receive. All Sure Pay patients are charged $149 for Essential Care before seeing a medical provider. Essential Care covers a range of the most common illnesses and ailments. Following the provider’s diagnosis and treatment, an additional $100 for Complete Care will be charged at check-out if necessary.

  • Essential Care


    Clinical visit and examination, including:

    • COVID-19 Active Infection Medical Evaluation & PCR Test (requires an additional $100)
    • COVID-19 Active Infection Medical Evaluation & Rapid Antigen Test (requires an additional $40)
    • COVID-19 Antibody Exam and Testing (requires an additional $21)
    • strep test
    • mono test
    • flu test
    • urine pregnancy test
    • ear infection
    • sinus infection
    • skin condition
    • blood glucose check
    • pink eye
    • urinary track infection
    • ear irrigation
    • bronchitis
    • nebulizer treatment
    • x-ray 1 body part
  • Complete Care


    Includes all Essential Care services plus:

    • sutures and advanced wound care
    • x-ray 2 or more body parts
    • durable medical equipment
    • injectable medication(excluding immunizations)
    • EKG
    • foreign body removal
    • IV fluids
    • burn care
    • dislocation
    • splinting
    • incision and drainage
    • comprehensive metabolic panel
    • complete blood count

Could I Incur Additional Charges?

Yes, lab tests and imaging conducted outside BetterMed, immunizations, vaccinations (other than tetanus) and prescription medications are excluded from Essential and Complete Care and will be charged separately.

How Do I Use Sure Pay?

Simply let us know as you check in that you intend to use the Sure Pay program.

What If My Condition Doesn’t Improve?

Patients returning to BetterMed within 7 days of treatment for the same ailment or condition will be evaluated by a provider at no cost.

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